Closing the Knowledge Gap on a Tight Deadline



A product development team at a leading molecular diagnostics company was preparing to launch a new test in conjunction with one of the largest pathology conferences of the year. The client had easy access to key opinion leaders, influencers and academic-based experts but struggled to obtain feedback from community-based pathologists in suburban and rural areas, an area of concern for the client’s executive team.
Facing a fast-approaching deadline, the client turned to Guidepoint to help them gain a better understanding of the community-based pathology market and close the knowledge gap.


Given only two weeks to deliver results, Guidepoint took control of the process from start to finish, from identifying the right Advisors, to finding a meeting place, to setting the meeting schedule and ensuring all Advisors arrived on time. Guidepoint also had backup Advisors on call in case of any last-minute schedule changes or cancellations.


By working with Guidepoint, the client gained valuable insights from a difficult-to-reach audience. Guidepoint was able to organize a series of 12 in-person meetings with community-based pathologists and the client’s product development and executive teams. In fact, six of the meetings were with custom-recruited Advisors specifically sourced by Guidepoint to fit the client’s exacting requirements.


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