An Australian-based asset management company was looking into investing in the payment system market in Australia and China. It was important that the client gain critical knowledge ahead of the project’s initiation, including:
  • How payment systems are being used in these markets
  • Associated parties such as banks, card networks, card issue merchants
  • Relevant regulatory processes and obstacles



Guidepoint Solution:
Upon receiving the request, the project team rapidly sourced 100+ advisor profiles from within Guidepoint’s network. Simultaneously the team began custom recruiting experts with extensive knowledge of specific markets and niche topics related to the project. Within 24 hours, 129 highly-qualified experts were identified. Following further screening and profile filtering, the client was able to schedule 3 pivotal consultations in only 4 short days from the time project was submitted, with the below experts:
  1. Former Head of Global Network Processing in Australia at a global payment technology company
  2. Former Sr. Director, Global Billing and Payments at one of the largest global e-commerce corporations
  3. Head of Digital Products from a global payments & technology company



The client was able to obtain the accurate insights he needed most, leading him to kindly note: ”The Guidepoint Advisors shared a great outline of the  global payment ecosystem and their unbiased opinions. I was able to understand the strategic motivations of the associated parties, regulators’ / central banks’ goals for regulation as well as the differences in the payment systems in various countries. Good level of detailed knowledge.”



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