Fast due diligence support delivered

We are seeing increasing global interest in hydrogen due to its economic and environmental value. Our consulting client was working on a tight deadline for a deep dive on hydrogen electrolysis, a rapidly developing technology which can produce clean hydrogen. They needed to speak to experts in both Europe and China who could give them fast and accurate insights into the topics of Design, R&D, Procurement, and OEMs of hydrogen electrolysis. The requested timeline was 2 days from submitting the request.


Within 24 hours, Guidepoint sourced and expertly matched 20+ Advisor profiles. Three consultations were seamlessly and efficiently coordinated by Guidepoint the next day with following Advisors:
  1. Vice President of Europe from a modular hydrogen production company
  2. Technology Development Manager from an advanced engineering and manufacturing company in the UK who also serves at the world’s first and only center to provide clean energy converters to developers
  3. Program Manager for Sustainable Chemistry from an independent sustainable energy research institution


The initial consultations were insightful. Our client went on to send new consultation requests for the selected Advisors to gain perspectives of other hydrogen technology topics in the following days. Four follow-up sessions with five additional Advisors were successfully carried out as well.