Identifying Savings by Assessing the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Market



A team at a leading management consulting firm was working on a tight timeline to better understand trends in Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). They were conducting competitive analysis within marketing divisions evaluation to identify potential savings. They wanted to speak to former PBM employees from two groups: those in marketing, and Advisors who could discuss negotiations with manufacturers for rebates.


Guidepoint’s Healthcare Consulting Team was able to build a plan with the client team to organize their various simultaneous work streams. They immediately began to custom recruit for Advisors with recent and relevant experience.


Specific Advisors included individuals with these recent former roles:
  • VP of Product & Marketing at a leading large national PBM
  • VP of Marketing Services at a leading large national PBM
  • VP of Clinical Account Management at a leading large national PBM


Guidepoint was able to custom recruit 13 Advisors with prior experience at leading commercial PBMs. The client team was able to conduct a call that same day and complete 3 calls in total.



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