Insight Into Health Engagement Data



An American venture and growth equity investment firm was looking to gain a better understanding of the health engagement data space. To accomplish this, the client was looking to speak with executives from companies who use health engagement data to feed rewards and financial programs. Guidepoint worked closely with the client to identify the four different research angles that would help them have the most efficient and productive conversations possible.




Utilizing Guidepoint’s expert network, the team was able to rapidly source and vet over 150 relevant experts that met the client’s specifications across each of the research angles. Guidepoint provided the client with a variety of experts within the industry, as well as individuals with experience purchasing health engagement data.


Leading experts the client spoke with included:
  • Medical Directors and C-suite executives across three major American health insurance companies
  • Senior Account Executive and Senior Vice President from key healthcare platforms
  • Regional Sales Consultant at a software management and holding company that acquires and manages technology companies


In less than one week, Guidepoint successfully connected the client with seven top experts on health engagement data. By applying the four angles and utilizing the relevant information gained from each consultation, the client was able to gain a well-rounded view of the space.


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