Join us on Tuesday, September 15th, for a series of teleconferences with leading experts in the hydrogren and chemicals industries. Our Advisors will discuss the current opportunities and challenges associated with hydrogen production, as producers try to gain widespread adoption


Please select the calls of interest below.


    11:00 AM ET - Trends in Grey Hydrogen

    • Art Shirley, Former Vice President, Helium & Hydrogen Product Lines, Airgas

    1:00 PM ET - Green Hydrogen Opportunities

    • Dwight Lynch, Vice President, Business Developments, One Scientific Inc.

    2:30 PM ET - Trends in Blue Hydrogen

    • Brian Farrell, Former Executive Director of Research & Development, Air Products and Chemicals

    Note: You will be charged for any event to which you RSVP (subject to the unit cost referenced in your Guidepoint agreement) and will receive access to the recording and transcript for any teleconference to which you RSVP within two business days, whether or not you attend the live presentation.