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    All Sectors – December 3, 2020

    • COVID-19 Vaccine Analysis
      Director, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

    Consumer – December 3, 2020

    • Kohl's and Sephora: How Beautiful Is This Deal?
      Former EVP and Chief Merchant, J.C. Penney

    Financials – December 3, 2020

    • IPO Series: Affirm
      Former VP of Business Development, Affirm

    Industrials – December 3, 2020

    • Nikola: What's the Path Forward After the GM Memorandum of Understanding?
      Director, Center for Renewable Energy Technology, Northeastern University

    TMT – December 1, 2020

    • Should Salesforce Acquire Slack?
      Strategic Advisor, AdvisoryCloud
      Chief Executive Officer, Unify Square Inc.

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