With continued tension between the US and China and the US Presidential election quickly approaching, we are highlighting our market-leading coverage of the current debate over the tech supply chain.

Trending topics being covered include (select calls of interest): 


    2020 Election: Navigating Outcomes for 'Clean Network' Exposed Tech

    • Update on the Trump administration’s “Clean Network” initiative

    • Many semiconductor suppliers are obtaining licenses to ship to Huawei — is this indicative of a shift toward an administrative process versus total inability to sell to China?

    • Potential that China may retaliate in a meaningful way

    US Semiconductors: Update on Ongoing US-China Tensions

    • Review of trade disputes, anti-dumping measures, and means by which US companies are navigating around import duties imposed on various Chinese products under Section 301 of the Trade Act

    • The likelihood that the Department of Commerce will look at broadening restrictions on IP-driven technology such as AI versus tangible products

    • How does a Democratic win of the presential election affect the anti-China narrative taking place?

    Semiconductor Industry: Regulatory and Foreign Investment Policy Update

    • How are semiconductor companies selling to Huawei and other Chinese entities?

    • How are companies such as TSMC able to comply with current restrictions?

    • Reviewing changes to the Foreign Direct Product Rule and the subsequent impact to relevant semiconductor stocks


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