Terms and Conditions


Last updated May 5, 2022

The Guidepoint Global Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) applicable to all Advisor consultations will apply to any services that you perform through Guidepoint’s Legal Solutions Services (“Legal Solutions Services”). You agree to provide any Legal Solutions Services in compliance with the Terms and Conditions.  In addition, for any Legal Solutions Services you perform, you also agree to the following Legal Solutions Terms and Conditions, which are intended to augment rather than replace your obligations under the Terms and Conditions.

  • You agree to provide to Guidepoint a recent, accurate photograph and professional resume, authorize Guidepoint to obtain such photograph and resume through internet searches should you fail to provide same, and consent to Guidepoint sharing both with its clients, prospective clients and other third parties.
  • You authorize Guidepoint to conduct background checks (including a criminal background check) and engage in other activities to obtain and/or confirm information concerning you and your suitability to provide Legal Solutions Services;
  • In connection with any Guidepoint client’s (the “Client”) consideration of your suitability to provide Legal Solutions Services, the Client may request a 20-minute vetting telephone call to discuss with you your background and certain aspects of the proposed services. You agree that, if you engage in any such vetting call, you will not be compensated for the time spent on the vetting call or any time spent preparing for the vetting call.
  • With respect to any Legal Solutions Services you provide, you agree that:
    • you will be acting as an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of Guidepoint;
    • you may enter into a separate engagement with a Guidepoint client (the “Client”) containing the terms and conditions applicable to such services and, with respect thereto, shall take direction solely from the Client and not Guidepoint;
    • the Client shall be solely responsible for any payment to be made to you and any other terms negotiated between you and the Client and you shall not seek to recover any such fees or other amounts from Guidepoint in connection therewith; and
    • you release Guidepoint from any and all liability that arises out of or relates to your engagement by the Client, or any failure to be engaged by a client, any Legal Solution Services that you provide or are asked to provide or any other matter related thereto.