Long Live the Experts


by Shawn Meehan, Global Head of Legal Solutions at Guidepoint

Several years ago, the Harvard Business Review set forth a three-pronged test for defining experts as capable of consistently performing superior to one’s peers, producing concrete results, and demonstrating outcomes that could be replicated and measured.


If you are competing in sports, think LeBron James. If you are managing a sports team, think Billy Beane. If you are building a business, think Jeff Bezos.


If you are seeking better business decisions, think subject matter experts (SMEs). At Guidepoint, we have a long history of identifying those individuals with “bona fide expert knowledge about what it takes to do a particular job” and matching them with business clients.


Lawyers need experts as well, but they often need to look beyond SMEs. Under statutes and caselaw, they need to seek out individuals who are “qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education” or otherwise directly experienced or knowledgeable about standards of practice.


Our mission is to put those experts front and center. We intend to report on key medical and non-medical developments, share practice tools, highlight best practices, profile expert witnesses, and comment on the forces shaping this industry.


Recent reports on the death of expertise have been greatly exaggerated. Long live the experts.


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