Making Sense of the Blow-Molded Rigid Plastic Packaging Market



A consulting team needed to get up to speed quickly on the space for blow-molded rigid plastic packaging. They were on a tight timeline to understand the current market and potential end-markets for this type of packaging and had very little background in the space.


As the client asked to start with a high-level conversation, Guidepoint was able to provide a first group of Guidepoint Advisors to select from in the same day.
Once the consulting firm had conducted an initial call, they were able to identify relevant end-markets; and Guidepoint began outreach to these categories simultaneously.
Guidepoint worked with the team throughout their entire project, scheduling calls almost daily, for a total of 21 consultations across six end-markets for this product.
Notable calls included interactions with these Guidepoint Advisors:
  • A private-label products executive
  • Organic dairy and private-label dairy packaging engineers
  • Major consumer packaged goods packaging engineers with expertise in food and household products
  • Major bottled water company packaging and operations employees
  • Agricultural and chemical company procurement experts
  • A former Coca-Cola procurement director with beverage expertise
  • A vice president of scientific operations with a major nutritional products company


The client was able to lay out the entire industry by speaking to Guidepoint Advisors. Their team was able to divide and conquer the various end-markets at the same time because Guidepoint coordinated through multiple work streams and ultimately got the client in touch with 21 different Guidepoint Advisors on a rapid timeline.


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