Researching Software for the Oil and Energy Industries



A team at a major consulting firm was conducting diligence research on data and analytics software providers within the oil, gas, and power industries. They needed to speak with experts regarding the trends and competitive dynamics within the space, as well as the drivers impacting the IT software market. They sought insights from the buyer perspective to better understand purchasing criteria for the software and the overall buying process.


The Guidepoint Consulting Team immediately began to screen Advisors, both those on the supplier and customer side, and also started custom recruiting. After the client began conducting calls, they identified new companies of interest based on their conversations, and the Guidepoint team was able to work with the client to pivot as their research developed and to maintain flexible timelines.
Advisor phone consultations conducted included:
  • 7 buyers of data and analytics software within oil and energy industries, including the CEO of a global energy advisory
  • The President and CEO of a leading commodity trading advisory
  • Senior salespeople at data and analytics software providers within the oil and energy space


The Guidepoint team scheduled 14 consultations with qualified and knowledgeable Advisors across the various perspectives sought by the client. Speaking with experts from both the consumer and supplier side of the data and analytics software space within oil and energy industries, the client received valuable insight into their fields of interest.


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