Understand the Potential of Digital Signing Service (DSS)

The global COVID-19 health crisis and its aftermath greatly impacted people’s living and business conduct. Office closures and remote work arrangements made the traditional need for a signature on paper highly inconvenient. Guidepoint’s client, a mutual fund company in Japan, saw market potential out of the new need for digital signatures. They sought our support to further understand what opportunities this new normal can bring to e-signature business.


Upon request, Guidepoint Japan team was able to identify 157 expert profiles who had the qualification to provide immediate and accurate insights, such as:


  • Technology that empowers e-signature, e-contract
  • Largest key players in this new & niche market
  • Recent partnerships and implications for the market
  • Key players’ competitive advantages


In the meantime, Guidepoint worked with the client to set up screening questions to further filter the most suitable experts. Three consultations were set up with the below Advisors:


  1. Former Head of Engineering from a multinational computer software company
  2. Former Vice President of Sales Enablement from a leading e-signature provider
  3. Director of Digital Assets and Markets at a leading blockchain technology provider in the U.S.


After their consultations, the client was able to gain the critical insights they required and advance their market research to facilitate deal sourcing in the e-signature industry.


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