Understanding Cross-Border B2B Payments Solutions



A major market research company was looking to better understand the cross-border B2B payments space. They needed to get perspectives from top-tier international banks on a tight timeline.


In order to fulfill this request, the Guidepoint Professional Services team started looking for Advisors with experience at top-tier international banks in senior treasury, cash management, and operations roles. Right away, our team started vetting Advisors with screening criteria, and within a few hours sent qualified Advisor profiles for the client to review. A total of 11 consultations took place within two weeks.
Advisor phone consultations conducted included:
  • Vice Presidents and directors of 11 different international banks
  • Advisors in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America


The Guidepoint team provided 13 qualified profiles from various top-tier international banks, and the client fulfilled their call needs by speaking with 11 of the experts. The client’s project timeline was quick and Guidepoint was able to satisfy the request in under two weeks. Through speaking to Guidepoint Advisors, the client gained a better understanding of the cross-border B2B payments space on an international scale.


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