Why Should I Join an Expert Network as an Expert?

A subject matter expert is someone who specializes in a specific industry or sector and is willing to share their valuable expertise with those who need it most. There are many reasons why people join expert networks, some of which are highlighted below.


We help them reach their goals

Expert networks are in the business of knowledge sharing and advancement. Professors, doctors, analysts, and other professionals want to share their expertise to help the world learn. They have spent years, decades even, gaining the knowledge they have, and by being part of something bigger, like an expert network, they can push those goals of sharing their knowledge even further.


People around the world are seeing the value in having a “side hustle”

Sharing your knowledge with people who need can be a fulfilling experience; getting paid while you do it is an extra bonus. As a Guidepoint Advisor, you determine your own consultation rates and are able to consult in your free time. For some this may be a great way to make ends meet or earn a little extra cash. It’s worth noting, however, that some experts choose to work pro bono or even donate their earnings to charitable organizations.


Some just want to join an extended community of thinkers and doers

As an advisor, you may be introduced to new thoughts and ideas by fellow advisors through blogs and newsletters to which you can also contribute. We’ve had blogs written on a wide range of topics from sustainability in the expedition cruise industry to tips for conducting an internal investigation within an organization. Beyond consulting, many advisors also see for themselves the value an expert network delivers, and as a result, end up becoming clients.


Anyone from any industry can be an expert. Even if you think your industry is too niche and no one will have any use for your exact expertise, the truth is that they may. Whether it’s expertise in the Ukrainian sausage industry, or in the liquid biopsy market, as long as there is information out there, someone will have a need for it, and they will find a way to use it.


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