Beauty & Personal Care



Our client at a leading strategy consulting firm was conducting a market study on the Beauty, Personal and Home Care space. They were interested in getting global perspectives on both the market opportunities and competitive landscape with a geographical focus on the Europe and North America market.


Upon request, Guidepoint project team successfully located over 90 potential expert profiles from our extensive network and immediately helped the client to identify the ideal experts who:
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the value chain for the various product categories (e.g. skin care, laundry care)
  • Are well informed about significant customer trends for major beauty/home care sub-segments, e.g. in facial care, make-up, laundry care.
  • Possess detailed knowledge of the most fragmented sub-segments and the associated opportunities to increase market share with the rise of indie brands.


After the screening process, phone consultations were seamlessly coordinated with the below advisors:


Advisor A – Recent former Vice President of Global Commercial Operations at a multinational chemical and cosmetics company, with 18 years’ experience, overseeing 30+ food, health & beauty and household categories, in over 20 markets worldwide, across all key channels and RTMs (mass, retail, pharmacy, e-commerce, and third-party distributor partners).


Advisor B – Recent former Vice President of Technology at a multinational manufacturer of flavors, fragrances and active cosmetic ingredients, with over 20 years’ experience in R&D in USA, India, China, Singapore and the UK, and a proven record in innovation & commercialization of consumer products and fragrances. He has an excellent understanding of the changing landscape of global R&D
and its impact on product development/quality and product life cycle in market and had been responsible for the generation of New Technologies in fragrances and consumer products including the cost optimization of consumer product formulations and fragrances.



Client was able to accelerate their project results with the deep insights they gathered through the consultations. The team was so pleased with the information they received that they chose set up additional work streams to continue the deep dive.


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