Diving Into Product Sustainability



A client at a top-tier US global manufacturer of consumer products was looking to expand their business by developing and launching new, profitable solutions with a focus on sustainability to satisfy consumer demand. They wanted to expand their understanding of the space by consulting with an expert who could speak to how they could better communicate their sustainability program via an effective marketing strategy and shopper communication.


Under a tight deadline, our team was able to source and vet more than 40 qualified advisors who met the clients highly specific qualifications, including:
  • C-Suite executive of a top-tier carbonated soft drink manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience.
  • Engineering and Technology Director at a leading consumer goods company, with experience in sustainability initiatives and practices at a global level.
  • Former Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability at a multi-national food, snack, and beverage corporation, providing thought leadership on food security, as well as environmental and social sustainability into the company’s innovation and planning platform.



Guidepoint effectively provided experts to help better the client’s understanding of the initiatives taken by existing CPG companies, as it relates to integrating sustainability into the product and packaging development pipeline, and develop benchmarks for use in their own efforts.


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