Meet Your Recruiter, Mackenzie Reiter


Meet Mackenzie! Mackenzie is a Talent Acquisition Specialist here at Guidepoint. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Science in General Studies – Economics, Communication, and Sociology from Texas Tech University and a Master’s Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Texas State. In her free time, Mackenzie loves to be outside with her kids, camping, and running!

Why did you pursue a career in recruiting?


Mackenzie: I was an Academic Advisor for 6 years and decided to transition out of Higher Education and wanted to pursue a career where I am still helping others. As a recruiter, I still work one on one with individuals, and a lot of the advising skills I have translated easily to my work as a recruiter.


What’s your favorite aspect of the recruiting process?


Mackenzie: I love getting to know my candidates and hearing their stories. Throughout the recruitment process, it starts initially with us, Talent Acquisition, and we help them along their candidate’s journey. I am here to support them and answer any questions for them while they are in the interview process, and again helping individuals is something I find joy in.


What does a typical interview process and timeline look like?


Mackenzie: A typical interview process for the Client Service department consists of interviewing with the Talent Acquisitions team member (me!). Once the Hiring manager wants to move forward with a candidate, the Hiring Manager and Hiring Team will have a back-to-back 30-minute/30-minute interview (1 hour total). If they pass the hiring manager and team interview, then the candidate will complete a mock assessment to simulate what a client’s request might look like, and once completed they will debrief with the Hiring Manager. The final step in the interview process is hopefully to be back in communication with me with an offer!


What’s something that typically stands out to you when you’re screening a candidate?


Mackenzie: I love when candidates ask questions and you know that they have done their research on Guidepoint and the department. Additionally, I appreciate when a candidate provides a detailed answer and example when asked a question.


Why did you apply to Guidepoint?


Mackenzie: After doing my research on expert networks, I love the feedback given on the company’s culture and employee experience. When I was searching for my next career, I was looking for upward mobility and growth within a company and I truly believe Guidepoint does that for employees.


How would you describe Guidepoint company culture?


Mackenzie: Guidepoint strives to have the best customer service and takes care of its employees. They focus not only on what is best for their employees but they care about their personal development also. I have been excited to work on different projects that not only play to my strengths but also my interests. Additionally, I love that we are a global company and I get to collaborate with other individuals from across the globe.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about applying to Guidepoint?


Mackenzie: Do your research! Make sure any company you apply to aligns with your values and beliefs.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Mackenzie: have ran two full marathons in Lubbock, TX and Portland, OR. I have additionally completed several half marathons, one while pushing two of my kids in a stroller!!