Performing Private Equity Due Diligence by Speaking with Tech Executives and Data Center Experts



A due diligence team at a leading consulting firm needed to quickly get up to speed on data center storage solutions. To better understand the major players and potential market size for these solutions, they were looking to speak to top internet and technology firms, as well as providers of these products. The team required same-day results to maintain their timeline.


Guidepoint was able to immediately send over our top data center and tech procurement Advisor profiles, providing brief explanations as to why each would be a good fit. The client team was very early in their research and knew they could trust the Guidepoint team’s picks, asking for “go-to options” on the topic. The client was able to select profiles directly from the first batch of profiles and get calls started right away.


Examples of Advisors included:
  • Fortune 50 tech company decision-makers
  • Data center operations executives
  • A Sales Director at a data center storage solutions manufacturer


Guidepoint was able to send relevant profiles to the client within an hour. Ultimately, the client team spoke with 14 qualified Advisors, even setting up follow-up calls with four Advisors to gain deeper insights.


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