Understanding the Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Prescriptions



A healthcare team at a leading consulting firm wanted to better understand how anti-cancer pharmaceuticals are evaluated for inclusion on payer formularies. They were conducting strategy research on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. They needed a large volume of experts across a variety of perspectives P&T Committee members at Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Payers, Commercial Payers, and Oncology Supergroup. They also needed to engage with Oncology Pathway Development Experts.


The Guidepoint Healthcare Consulting Team was able to build a plan with the client team to organize their various simultaneous work streams, and immediately began to custom recruit for advisors with recent and relevant experience. The team was able to work with the client to pivot as their research developed and to maintain flexible timelines.


Examples of Advisors included:
  • 11 IDN Payers: Medical Directors and Pharmacy Directors
  • 2 Commercial Payers
  • 3 Oncology Supergroup Decision-Makers, including COO of a major player
  • 3 Pathway Development Experts


The Guidepoint team was able to fulfill each bucket of the client’s request and delivered 19 relevant and knowledgeable advisors. The client noted that their team was very happy with the calls, saying: “Thanks again for the pushing hard on those profiles, our team has been able to gain a lot of important insights through the interviews!”


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